Traditional Public Trade Shows


Packaging Industry Trade Shows

Companies have begun to realize that outsourcing can make their business work better. Peripheral work such as payroll, general accounting and packaging need not be...


Display Stands For Trade Shows

One of the fastest growing behind the scenes business areas is exhibition booth builders. These companies design and build the booths vendors use when they...


Business to Business Trade Shows

There are many businesses that do not sell to the general public through retail. Their products and services are for other companies. These companies go...

Home décor and gardening companies often have trade shows for the general public. These shows are where local vendors display their wares and services. The general public is invited to come and browse the displays. Sales representatives are on hand to answer questions and assist people who might want to purchase a product of service. Most of these shows do not generate business immediately and are not expected to do so. Their goal is to give the public an opportunity to see and consider buying products and services from the companies at the show. The goal is future business.